Landscape Study: Digitally Enabled Agriculture

About the Study

Over the past decade or so, a growing range of digitally enabled solutions has emerged to solve the challenge of providing extension advice to farmers in a more efficient and sustainable manner.
This study aims to get to grips with this rapidly evolving topic, synthesising and presenting the latest research and developments around digital advisory models that can support or enable agricultural productivity improvements for smallholders. Specifically, the study aims to: capture and succinctly present a coherent picture of the ‘state of play’ of digital advisory models for agriculture; highlight and profile some promising emerging and potentially sustainable models; and share some emerging implications for development partners, investors, and governments looking to support the digital advisory ecosystem.

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An inclusive, digitally enabled agricultural transformation could help achieve meaningful livelihood improvements for Africa’s 250 million smallholder farmers and pastoralists. It could drive greater engagement in agriculture from women and young people and support employment opportunities along the agricultural value chain – and it could help build resilience to climate change.
CTA's Digitalisation of Agriculture in Africa Report (2019)