Our Leadership

Our organisation is powered by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, who are based in our offices in Kenya, Tanzania and the UK.

Portrait of Justin Highstead

Justin Highstead
Executive Director

Portrait of James Foster

James Foster
Learning Director

Lilian Githuka - People Director

Lilian Githuka
People Director

Portrait of Peter Roggekamp

Peter Roggekamp
Portfolio Director

Portrait of Samuel Kareithi

Samuel Kareithi
Country Director - Kenya

Portrait of Samweli Kilua

Samweli Kilua
Country Director - Tanzania

Portrait of Alison Ng'eny-Otieno

Alison Ng’eny-Otieno
Operations and Finance Director

Arjun Bhoopal - Head of Partnerships

Arjun Bhoopal
Head of Partnerships

Lutendo Wigman - Gatsby Africa's Communications Director

Lutendo Wigman
Communications Director

Ben Gimson
Programme Director - Aquaculture

David Shambwe
Programme Director - Tanzania Forestry

Antoinette Tesha
Programme Director - Textile and Apparel

Jack Steege
Programme Director - Kenya Forestry

Wario Bonaya
Programme Director - Water

Michael Kamau
Acting Programme Director - Agricultural Inputs

Mirriam Mulei
Acting Programme Director - Livestock