Leveraging East Africa’s Soya Bean Opportunity

Soya bean, the world’s most important grain legume, shows great potential in East Africa. Its high oil and protein content makes it a critical input to the edible oil and plant-based protein industries for human consumption and the animal and fish feed industries for which it is the most important protein input globally. There are a range of additional by-products, such as soya gums and lecithin, that can be produced from soya beans.

Whilst Uganda is a net exporter of soya bean, both Kenya and Tanzania are significant net importers of soya bean and soya bean products (mainly soya bean cake or meal, as an input to animal and fish feed). Our findings highlight suitable areas and varieties for soya bean production across the region, representing an opportunity for East Africa.

Gatsby Africa conducted in-depth research and analysis with value chain actors across Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda during late 2022 and 2023. We have consolidated our findings and insights into a report, which we hope can help to inform investments, development interventions and policy reforms.

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