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The Journey of Changing Water Services Delivery in Kenya

Water is an essential resource, and the strength of the sector has significant impacts on economic growth, health and quality of life. Key industries, including agriculture and energy, rely on water as an input, with 78% of jobs globally being dependent on water.

However, constraints that impair development are pressing, as climate change and population growth put ever more pressure on existing systems. Access to safe water and improved sanitation services are key pillars for Kenya’s development.

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If the business-as-usual approach is maintained in the way water resources are managed, Kenyans will face a 30% gap between available freshwater supply and demand by the year 2030.
Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) – Impact 11 Report

Gatsby Africa and Kenya Markets Trust have worked together in Kenya’s Livestock sector since 2013.

This case study is a summary of the different pathways that have been the focus of our joint work over the years, successes we have achieved, and lessons we have learnt along the way.


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