Textile and Apparel Industry in East Africa: Benchmarking Reports 2022

As part of its aspiration to build a globally competitive textile and apparel industry in East Africa, Gatsby Africa regularly carries out a comprehensive benchmarking and mapping study of the industry within the region. 

About the Benchmarking Reports

The benchmarking project aims at assessing key industry conditions and constraints across the identified East African countries (Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania) in order to understand the interventions required for the growth of the textile and apparel sector in these countries. The study also benchmarks the East African countries with some selected Asian countries of Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka considering they have more developed textile and apparel value chains. Ethiopia is also included in the Benchmark, considering it is part of the larger East Africa and has been implementing an ambitious Industrial Transformation Programme with a special emphasis on the Textile Industry. Such an analysis would help understand the growth roadmap of these countries and the interventions that have made this growth possible.

The first deliverable of the study was related to country benchmarking in terms of country economics, infrastructure, production scenario, factor costs and licenses. In continuation of that, this report aims to compare the policies available in these countries on the basis of the following factors:

  • Fiscal Incentives
  • Non-Fiscal Incentives
  • Market Access Arrangement

Apart from this, the report also contains a section on buyers’ feedback, which highlights the current sourcing scenario from the East African Countries, the challenges they face and their recommendations for the growth of the sector in these countries.


Majority of the information in this report has been extracted from the respective countries’ Investment Promotion Agencies publications and websites, along with international benchmarking reports. 

Some of the information has been obtained from direct feedback from the industry experts and authoritative resources. 



Textile and Apparel Industry in East Africa: Country Benchmarking Report 2022

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Textile and Apparel Industry in East Africa: Policy Benchmarking Report 2022

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