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Expression of interest

Gatsby Africa’s offer of support for East African medium-sized cage fish farms

Deadline: 31 Jul 2024 Location: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda

Fishing nets at sea

Gatsby Africa would like to offer support to medium-sized cage fish farms producing between 20MT to 2000MT per annum in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda by helping them adopt aquaculture practices that boost productivity.

Improving a farm’s productivity depends on many factors but the most crucial is the ability to collect accurate farm data and use it to make informed management decisions. Therefore, Gatsby Africa’s support will primarily take the form of technical assistance, offering tailored approaches based on the farm’s specific needs and requirements.

By engaging in the program, farms will be able to apply data-led management skills and knowledge to production planning and decision-making throughout the production cycle, leading to substantial productivity improvements. Some of the key activities that will be undertaken during the program include establishing robust data management systems, producing reliable production models, generating accurate feed and harvest forecasts, tracking key metrics like eFCR, and setting up monthly production reporting systems.

Gatsby Africa, in collaboration with ACMS Africa, will offer this support through a four-month program involving expert aquaculture professionals with in-depth knowledge of managing medium—and large-scale commercial aquaculture operations.

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